Model-Driven Decision Making
FastChangeCo - an adaptable data warehouse for rapid changes

The fictitious company FastChangeCo has developed a way not only to manufacture smart devices, but also to extend smart devices to clothing and living beings as wearables in the form of bio-sensors. Each of these devices generates a large amount of (sensitive) data, more precisely: through the recording, processing and analysis of personal and environmental data.

Information Modeling in natürlicher Sprache

Information Modeling in Natural Language

Fact-Oriented Modeling (FOM) is a family of conceptual methods in which facts are precisely modeled as relationships with any number of arguments. This type of modeling enables easier understanding of the model because natural language is used to create the data model. This also fundamentally differentiates FOM from all other modeling methods. This approach sounds new and exciting. However, it goes back to the 1970s in its basic features.

Shared Data in einer virtuellen Architektur

Hybrides Data Warehouse am Beispiel von Data Vault

In der heutigen BI-Welt müssen Anforderungen der Fachbereiche und gesetzliche Vorgaben sowie die Wünsche der Nutzer von Smart Devices an personenbezogenen Daten in Einklang gebracht werden. Anhand des fiktiven Unternehmens FastChangeCo sollen im Folgenden die Herausforderungen an den Schutz der Daten sowie die Umsetzung aufgezeigt werden. FastChangeCo hat eine Möglichkeit entwickelt, nicht nur Smart Devices herzustellen, sondern auch die Smart Devices als Wearables in Form von Sensoren auf Kleidung auszudehnen.

13 tips to make your Data Vault project fail

How to successfully torpedo any level of the data warehouse

Are you pampered with success and tired of the eternal pat on the back? You don‘t want to be so successful with your first attempt at implementing a Data Vault project that all your colleagues become jealous?

Here you will find 13 proven tips on how to make your Data Vault project a successful failure.