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TEDAMOH - Data Modeling Certification (DMC)

First of all, I would like to emphasize that preparing for the DMC was a challenging but absolutely rewarding experience. In order to pass the exam successfully, I focused on different methods:

  • Videos: The videos were an invaluable resource for understanding the details of the exam questions. I didn't just watch them once, but took the time to go through them 2-3 times. I paid special attention to the little things and nuances that might appear in the questions.
  • Book and documents: In addition to the videos, I also studied the accompanying book and documents again. This helped me to deepen my understanding and ensure that I understood all the concepts thoroughly.
  • Learning poster: Another important step in my preparation was creating a learning poster. By visually summarizing the key concepts, I was able to structure my knowledge and better remember it.
  • Quizzes from TEDAMOH: The quizzes provided by TEDAMOH were an excellent way to test my knowledge and to prepare me in a directed way for the exam situation. I worked through all the available quizzes to strengthen my comprehension and identify my weak areas.

This targeted preparation not only enabled me to successfully complete the DMC certification, but also to deepen my comprehension and knowledge of data modeling. The certification has brought me clear added value by further deepening my training from the Data Modeling Master Class and putting my knowledge on a strong foundation.

- Poy-Julia Schwägermann, Product Owner Business Intelligence - HDI Global